Legal issues are an unfortunate reality of rental property.  Whether there is a question about a lease, a dispute with a trouble tenant, or anything in between, access to a good lawyer is a key tool for every landlord. 

An eviction or unlawful detainer is a court action in which the landlord is attempting to recover possession of the property from a tenant.  The eviction action is not a venue to sue for collection of past rent or money damages, it is only to determine who is entitled to possession of the property.

Evicting a tenant in Minnesota requires landlords to follow very strict filing and service requirements in order to be successful.  If any of the numerous deadlines are not satisfied, then the Court may dismiss the action forcing the landlord to start over and spend additional costs in refiling.

It is important that landlords follow the statutory requirements when trying to remove a tenant.  Unlawfully removing a tenant from a building may result in civil or even criminal charges against the landlord.  

I work directly with numerous landlords and property management companies to ensure that the evictions are handled appropriately.  


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